Best Water Heater Installer San Mateo County

Best Water Heater Installer San Mateo

Water Heater Installer San Mateo

Our water heater broke On a Saturday (April 23) and we feared being without hot water for the whole weekend. We were SO wrong. Called Water Heater Specialists around 1:30 and were told someone would be out between 2 and 5. David arrived around 3 and by 5:30 we had a new water heater installed and the old one hauled away. Unbelivable!

Ken C. San Mateo, CA

Great service from Vic!  Would recommend this service to anyone who needs help with a water heater

Debbie W. San Carlos,CA

My water heater started to shake like it was going to explode and there was some water leaking into the pan one evening, I had to shut it off just to get it to stop. So the next morning I called the phone number that was on my water heater and they sent Brian from Water Heater Specialist in within the hour. Brian was very professional and was able to identify the problem immediately, and also called out a few issues on the way the current installation of the current water heater and how it can be improved to make it safer. After discussing the costs, he explained the process of the new replacement, worked on swapping in the brand new water heater and was done in about 2.5 hours. Thank you Brian for your professionalism and quality of work, it is much appreciated!UsefulFunnyCool

Dennis I. San Mateo, CA

Nick quickly replaced our water heater that was leaking in our garage. Appreciate the efficient and professionalism to get us a new water heater.

Kiana Y. Palo Alto, CA

I live with my grandma (Amy H.), last night our hot water stopped working and when we checked the garage there was water all over the floor because our water heater was leaking. We turned off the water for the night and called in the morning around 9 am on a Sunday. They said they had an opening between 11 am and 2 pm. Teo arrived around 11:45/12 o’clock today and let us know our 18 year old water heater finally needed to be replaced. The price did seem a little steep, but for Teos promptness, professionalism, and quick work it felt worth it. Teo was super nice and explained everything to us that happened and needed to be fixed. We got a brand new water heater, and it only took about an hour. Especially being on a Sunday, we were very appreciative that he was working. We now have a new water heater and it will hopefully be another 10+ years before my grandma needs a new one again.

Savannah B. San Mateo, CA

Victor was incredible, fast, reliable and helped me through the process of replacing my broken water heater. He was on time and got the job done quick even on Thanksgiving! I’d go back to them in a heartbeat!

Nick K. Millbrae, CA

My water heater gave out. A family member recommend “Water Heater Specialist “. They came  out right and gave me a great estimate. David and Brian were very professional and worked very fast. I would recommend these guys again!! Thanks!!!

Richard T. Belmont, CA

Our water heater went out on Sunday morning and we were able to get it fixed that same afternoon. David was great, efficient and personable. We had everything fixed In a very short amount of time. Thank you!

Juan V. Redwood City, CA

Our water heater  pilot light kept turning off  and it was a pain relighting it. I called the Water Heater Specialists and they arranged a technician to come and repair the water heater. Nick came on time and explained what he was going to do in a very professional manner. He was very courteous. He did a great job and explained what we were supposed to do on our end to make sure the water heater is regularly maintained. I give him a five star and would highly recommend him to others.

Virginia B. Stanford, CA

Quick service and convenient. Andy was very professional and gave me all the options needed to make the best choice.  I decided to replace my old water heater and he was able to replace it within a couple of hours.

Tonga N. Foster City, CA

My water heater was leaking, I called, and the guy on the phone was so helpful – even FaceTimed me so I could see the correct valve to switch off. I had a repair guy – David – out here first thing in the morning. He was kind, quick and efficient! This could have been a bigger issue but I was so pleased in how smooth the replacement process was!

Gore R. San Mateo, CA

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